“But if it weren’t safe, they wouldn’t sell them.”

We rely on certain authorities to safeguard public health and to make sure that anything that becomes available to the public is both safe and effective.
If cell phones were unsafe, they wouldn’t sell them, would they?

You’ll be surprised to know that those agencies that are charged with public safety and funded by our taxes simply ignored the issue altogether. Mobile phones were only going to be the plaything of the wealthy who could afford them. Never was it thought, in those early years of the technology, that over 2 billion people worldwide would carry one.
They simply didn’t bother to worry about the safety of them. No testing was done.
That’s right. None.

Cell phones were put in consumer hands without any pre-market testing whatsoever.

A few assumptions were made: the radiation level is too low to be dangerous; it will not be a mass consumer item; if it doesn’t heat up it’s not causing cell or tissue damage.

These assumptions were proven wrong.

Dr. George Carlo was the first to design and conduct a large-scale safety examination of the technology. He didn’t work alone. He enlisted world-reknown scientists in the field of sonar technology, epidemiology, micro-biology and others. There was  a peer review board.

It was also funded by the Wireless Industry itself. What?!
Yes, there were questions, concerns and skepticism regarding Dr. Carlo’s objectivity and the results that would come out of this $28 million industry financed initiative. But that’s not even the beginning of the story.

In 1990, a gentleman in Florida lost his young wife to a brain tumor. The tumor, when examined during the post-mortem, was found to have the same shape, size and location as the woman’s cell phone antenna when she held the phone to her head. The grieving husband decided to sue the cellular phone company – to no avail. The Wireless Industry saw this as a potential Pandora’s Box and hired then-industry-friendly Dr. George Carlo to head the study to prove that mobile phone use is safe.

Dr. Carlo found evidence that cell phone use was not safe and brought his concerns to industry executives. Eventually his funding was pulled and he was shut down. Dr. Carlo is the founder of the SafeWireless Initiative to promote awareness of the problem of cell phone use. The link to his website is in the sidebar.  I recommend purchasing his book, which you can buy through the link in the sidebar as well: ‘Cell Phones – Invisible Hazard of the Wireless Age’. He reveals in a very candid manner to Martin Schramm, who interviewed him for the book, how he came to be involved in the research, the mistakes he made along the way, and his continuing commitment to public health and safety. It’s an excellent read. Buy one today and share it with your friends and family.