What is Your Bio-Field?

Your bio-field is your energy field. Think of it as a body organ that is made up of energy. This energy emanates from you and surrounds you. It is your first defense, a protective shield, if you will.

The World Health Organization recognizes the biofield as an energetic organ. (I searched to find where I’d seen it on their site http://www.who.int, but didn’t find it. I will post it as soon as I come across it again.)

This first line of defense is the first casualty of cell phone use and other electromagnetic field exposure.
We can demonstrate this a number of ways: through muscle testing, dousing, and an FDA approved device called the Meridian Stress Assessment System.

Some of you may be reading this and saying: energy, schmenergy – all that alternative hocus-pocus!
Skepticism is healthy, and there is no reason for you to take anything I write as the truth.
That’s why I point out that the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes and defines the biofield.
It is as much an organ of your body as the heart, lungs and liver are. Everything is and has energy.
You feel energy. You can describe your energy level, can’t you? You can detect others’ energy and it affects you in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. It’s the ‘vibe’ you get from someone or in any situation.

Balanced energy is necessary for optimal health. When our energy field is either weakened or stressed we are not at our best functioning.

In testing done with Dr. Eliane Chamhy, Netanya, Israel, we found that the biofield was significantly weakened and out of balance by cell phone radiation. Dr. Chamhy explained that the center of the biofield, as detected with a dousing device, was at least 2 feet off center. When we applied a protective device, the biofield came nearly center. Her conclusion was that EMF has a significant negative impact on our energy and our health, in general; and use of the SafeCell chip provided real energetic protection.

Exposure to mobile phone radiation has an immediate and lasting effect on our energy, as we can see in the chart attached here. We checked the effects of cell phone radiation on the major physical organs of the body and found that the systems were all weakened immediately upon holding the cell phone.
We also looked at what effect holding the phone in the pocket with or without an ear-piece (more on this next post), and found surprising results. See attachments.

Download graph_english_effects_chip.doc

About the attachments: "Recovery" shows how weakened the body became after a short cell phone call and how long it took for the body to return to a balanced energetic state afterward. In fact, we waited an hour and still did not re-balance naturally. Even a single, limited, mobile phone radiation exposure is enough to throw the body out of whack for a disproportionate amount of time.

Though I write here about the long-term effect on our biofield, studies in fact show long-term effects on our cognitive ability as demonstrated in a study by Dr. Alan Preece, funded by the British government and carried out on human volunteer subjects. The subjects’ performance on tasks, that they were known to have the skill and ability to carry out, was impaired as was their response time.
What implications do you think this has on those drivers who spend most of their driving time speaking on the phone? That’s a topic for another post!

Download graph_effect_of_cellphone_recovery.doc

| look forward to your comments and questions!

To your safe cell phone use,