Cell Phone Radiation Protection: Bluff or Fluff?

At least the rhyme worked in English. For my Hebrew blog I couldn’t think of an appropriate word for ‘fluff’ that translated as a rhyme to ‘bluff’, which, incidentally, is the same word in Hebrew.

On to our post:
Now that the issue of cell phone radiation is starting to take center stage, with more media attention, official warnings and increased public awareness, we can expect to see more and more products on the market claiming to provide protection. So, how is the consumer to know which of these products really works and which are just bluffs and gimmicks designed to take their hard-earned cash and put them in even more danger due to the false sense of security they provide?

Firstly, beware of anything that claims to “block”, “filter”, “neutralize”, “shield” the radiation. Even if the product could do any of those things you would be in even more danger because your cell phone would increase the power to make up for the signal blockage – which, in essence is what these products would be doing – and therefore, increasing the radiation output. The other consequence of some of these actions would be rendering your cell phone completely useless. It would be SAFER that way, but also useless. An inconvenient clock at best.

So then what is REAL protection? Scientifically designed, tested and proven protection? Look for a product that 1) provides energy balancing; 2) prevents the heating of the brain tissue; and 3) provides cellular strengthening.

When I became concerned about this issue and began to search for protective products, I found several on the market that sounded, from their sales page, as plausible protective devices. Until we tested them. There were those that provided no protection at all, according to our tests, and some that provided weak protection. Some of these products also carry an expiration date – and that was unacceptable to me. I will post the results of our testing for your review.

The only device that met all our criteria is the Trio cell phone protection, marketed by our company as the Safe Cell Phone Button. It’s really a sticker, that you simply stick on your phone.

What is it and how does it work? It’s a material that is a frequency carrier and is embedded with natural frequencies, that is those that occur naturally in our environment and resonate with our bodies own natural energy field (bio-field). These frequencies harmonize with the cell phone frequency, creating a bio-friendly, even beneficial frequency.

With the Safe Cell Phone Button you are protected on all levels:
1) it maintains energy balance, eliminating stress and fatigue from cell phone radiation exposure;
2) it prevents the overheating of the brain tissues;
3) it maintains cellular integrity and even strengthens the cells maintaining inter-cellular communication.

I personally wouldn’t let anyone I care about carry an unprotected cell phone.

Don’t take chances with cheap gimmicks. Get your whole family protected with the only proven technology that provides ever-lasting protection.

That’s right – ever-lasting. It never needs replacing! It’s a one-time purchase. So, how important is your health to you?

Are you going to risk your health and that of your family’s:

brain tumors, eye tumors, headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders, blood-brain damage, developmental damage to children? Most diseases are stress-related – cell phone radiation and constant EMF exposure are stressors that the human body hasn’t evolved to contend with.

I urge you to get protected today. Order by phone: 1-866-820-3431 and use your credit card. Ask for special discounts for volume orders.

Be healthy!