The 3-Fold Test

The 3-Fold Test is the only way to know that the product you’re using provides complete protection. Here is the 3-fold test:
1. Thermal imaging – shows that the product prevents heating of the brain tissue;
2. Blood test – show protection on a cellular level, including the prevention of free radical development;
3. MSAS – Meridian Stress Assessment System – this FDA approved diagnostic device shows whether the body is in balance, a stressed or weakened state.

Bonus – CE Safety Mark – proves the product is safe for use in that it DOES NOT block, shield, filter, or neutralize the radiation which would cause the phone to INCREASE it’s output to overcome the interference with the signal.

These products did not pass the 3-fold test:
BioPro Technology (they are still using testing images from their original product, avoid this company’s products); Safe-Cell Tab, the EMF Bead (blue ceramic bead for $19.95) had absolutely no effect on the body’s energy.

Be a smart consumer and buy only radiation protection that provides complete protection as evidenced by the 3-fold test.