Kids & Cell Phones – Pros and Cons


Mobile phones are great for keeping tabs on our kids – especially for parents who work outside of their home. We can call to find out if our kids got home ok, do they have homework, if they are out they are only a phone call away! It gives us a way to supervise our kid by remote control.

The cell phone has become our modern-day umbilical cord. But is this umbilical cord nourishing or poisoning our children?

There is proof positive of the dangers to our children from mobile phone radiation exposure.

As parents we need facts to make informed decisions about our children’s health and well-being.
It is my commitment to you, my valued reader, to provide facts, not scare tactics, in the name of becoming savvy, informed consumers.


  • Cell phone radiation is similar in quality to microwave oven radiation – it has the same pulsing quality;
  • Only 2 minutes speaking on a cell phone changes the child’s brain wave activity;
  • A child is much more susceptible than an adult to the dangers of cell phone use due to the size and structure of his head;


  • Reasons your child’s head is absorbing more radiation than your head:
  1. his head is smaller meaning radiation penetration is deeper into the brain tissue – imagine sticking a 2 in pin into an orange versus a watermelon – 2 inches into an orange and you’d be into the center of the fruit already, with a watermelon, you would have just barely gotten through the rind and barely into the edible fruit.
  2. a child’s brain has more fluid tissue allowing for greater electro-conductivity into the brain tissue;
  3. a child is still in development and any cell damage has greater consequences for her continued learning and development;
  4. the damage is cumulative, so a child using a cell phone from the age of 10 will have accumulated exposure from that age onward;

Given all of the above, a child has a much greater chance of developing learning disabilities, cancers of the brain, eyes, parotid gland as well as acoustic neuroma than an adult.

In our next post we’ll expand on these issues with documentation.

In the meantime, please use the following Safe Cell Phone use guidelines:

  • Emergency calls ONLY
  • Keep calls as short as necessary – under 1/2 a minute
  • Use the loudspeaker to keep the phone away from the head
  • Never let your child keep the mobile phone on his body. Have him carry it in a back pack,
  • Make your child aware that a cell phone is not a toy and emits dangerous radiation
  • If at all possible, keep children under the age of 16 away from cellular phones altogether

Yours in health,
Esti Allina-Turnauer


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